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Fraud protection and data security


1600 S. Anaheim Blvd Ste B

Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone: 714-999-9566​

Toll Free: 888-454-1210

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M-F: 8AM - 5PM

What is EMV Chip?

Technology that uses secret cryptographic keys that help against fraud and make payment cards more difficult to counterfeit.

Do not put your customers and your business at risk, contact us today to find out more details about our EMV terminals!

Automated Transaction Technology

Repair Services

ATT repairs most Verifone, First Data, and Hypercom terminals.  Repair turn-around-time is between 2-4 days!

Terminal Load/Program

Save time!  We provide terminals programming, trouble shooting, and drop-shipping. 

Automated Transaction Technology stocks a complete line of new and refurbished terminals and software from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers including Verifone, First Data, Hypercom, Magtek, RDM, Ingenico and more.  No matter what requirements your business currently has or may develop in the future, we can equip your business with payment options that will be useful for years to come.

Whether you need terminals to process over land line, high-speed IP (internet), and/or wireless, we carry a wide selection of advanced credit terminals to suit your every need!  Please feel free to contact us today for more information!

*NEW* Omni Vx510 Dual comm./12 Meg Memory

-IP (Internet) processing

-12 Meg. Memory

-1 Year parts/labor warranty

We have reduced our prices.  We

lowered it even more if  you

purchase two or more!  Contact

us today and order yours.

2015 Specials